killing-the-dragon-again asked:
✪✪✪✪✪✪ x3

Thanks dear. :’3 ^.^

killing-the-dragon-again asked:
You're worthless? really? who said it, doesn't deserve your attention because you are a sweet person, very friendly, loyal, one in which we have the pleasure to know, and an even greater pleasure is to talk with you, every day I talk with you, I wonder if there is someone like you, and the answer is "impossible" if you were worthless why I talk to you? why I would be happy to meet you? why I would share so many things with you? because you're one of the best people I know and you're wonderful :3

I was sitting here and crying because I actually believed that I am worthless as I’ve been told. But all of those messages I received are soo nice and that made me smile like never before. You’re also one of the best people I’ve meet here and thank you very much! I really appreciate your presence.

To anyone who tried to cheer me up, once again big THANK YOU. All of you. You’re all fucking awesome. :”3

thethrasherwithinme asked:
✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ :3

Haha, thanks mate. :3 Cheers.

dollishes asked:
By the way c: ✪✪✪✪✪✪

Awwwwww. I am far from being perfect. You’re perfect though! Thank you very much. :33

dollishes asked:
If this mothefucker called like that, her(or him) never had been your friend, fuck her(or him) he(or she) don't deserve you, you're amazing, NEVER forget that, you're awesome and anyone has the right to tell you the opposite.

The only thing that really hurts is that I’ve done so much for her in the last couple of weeks. I helped her a lot. And she treated me like shit and today I’ve been told I’m worthless. I… I can’t even describe with words how much it hurts.
But hey, thank you very much just for being here and trying to cheer me up. You’re a great friend and I wish you were here. :3 Love you.

dollishes asked:
Do you feel worthless? Weronika noooo! you're wonderful D: don't feel like that please!

I didn’t until my so called friend told me I am. And I think she was kinda right. But thank you very much. I’m glad that I have you as my friend. :)

Anonim asked:
You are not worthless, you are gorgeous <3

I really appreciate this message. That’s so kind of you. You’re a wonderful human being.

attention all cute girls………………….hello

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I’m just curious.. let’s see how many people agree


Reblog if you’d still love your friend if s/he comes out for being gay, lesbian, bi, or any other sexual orientation that isn’t straight

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You said… I’m worthless…